Diary of a Madman

India Tour
Produced by Living Pictures, Wales and QTP, India
Adapted from Nikolai Gogol’s novel of the same name
Directed by Sinead Rushe
Role Tour Manager

Considered by many to be Nikolai Gogol’s best work, Diary of a Madman, is set in St Petersburg. Poprishchin is in his 40’s – a low ranking civil servant for the Government, struggling to make his mark in life, but one day he makes an amazing discovery. Could he really be the next King of Spain?  This dark comedy focuses on how one man’s need for power throws him into surreal chaos – dogs talk, they write love letters, his bosses are mad and hell bent on destroying him. Driven insane by government bureaucracy and hierarchy, Gogol’s dark comedy exposes one man’s reality as he spirals deeper into a fantasy world.

India tour through Bombay, Bangalore, New Delhi and Kolkata in November/December 2017
Coordinated the Indian side of the overall tour and was present in Bombay and New Delhi