Saatvika Kantamneni is an exceptionally gifted and committed theatre worker. I have had the opportunity to work with her over the last three years in multiple capacities. She has been a production manager, stage manager and tour manager for multiple plays of Indian Ensemble and Bhasha Centre for Performing Arts. As a director and collaborator I find myself depending on her ability to manage complex projects, stage craft and long term commitments. My own ability to work and commit to more and more difficult projects has considerably gone up due to her presence in the team. Most recently she has been spearheading a new Arts and Production Management program that we are designing. Something one foresees her heading for some time to come. I have no doubt in recommending her to any professional engagement in the arts that requires a high degree of skill, talent and ethics. 
Abhishek Majumdar, Director, Playwright

I have worked extensively with young theatre practitioners over the last two decades, and have found that Saatvika’s skills and professionalism as a stage and production manager are unparalleled.
Akash Khurana, Director

My working relationship with Saatvika, is now almost 8 years. It began when joined QTP in 2012, and helped usher one of our most productive periods ever. She is thorough in her work, and has consistently punched above her weight on projects that are typically understaffed. She is unafraid to work long hours and makes sure that the job doesn’t just get done, but done well. Perhaps most visible area of her contribution was on our pet project Thespo, a youth theatre initiative, for and run by people under the age of twenty-five. Under her co-stewardship the movement has grown exponentially. Since then she has continued her association with QTP as a freelancer, managing international touring shows, and production managing the performance section of Literature Live! Most recently we worked together where I reported to her. That was a pleasant change, and a reassuring reminder how hard work, perseverance, and organisation are valuable assets in our line of work.
Quasar Thakore Padamsee, Artistic Director – QTP

Saatvika is resourceful and a problem solver, which are crucial attributes when working in non-theatre venues with time and budget constraints. She is professional, diplomatic and great with the company members. Since the show was not performed in traditional theatre venues, it had to be adapted at every stage and being a technically heavy show with lighting, video and sound, this was not always an easy task. She worked closely with me and the creative team on tour to ensure that our artistic vision was best represented at every venue, despite various challenges and setbacks.
Stef O’Driscoll, Artistic Director – nabokov

I have worked with Saatvika on a multitude of projects, where she fulfilled a multitude of roles in and across each of them. She is an accomplished Production and Stage Manager with a strong work ethic, an ability to meld with different groups of people from different backgrounds, an ability to take charge and to contribute above and beyond the call, for the good of the production. She is also an excellent Producer, exercising artistic, aesthetic and curatorial choices with the backing of a keen love for theatre and theatre people, and close to a decade of observation, reading and sheer work. Saatvika is unique for several reasons: she is trained in her field of choice and has substantial work experience; she combines artistic idealism with ruthless discipline, both within herself and in projects she works on; she takes her role seriously, but doesn’t takes herself too seriously. All in all, it is a pleasure and a privilege to watch her work and to work with her.
Vivek Madan, Producer

Saatvika is the first call for us whenever we embark on a new project at QTP. As someone who has worked with her closely when she was full time with us and later on as a freelancer on our projects, her work is of top quality. She is super organised and efficient. Her strength is the ability to multitask and ensure the expectations of the project are fulfilled. Her work ethic is strong. I highly recommend Saatvika to any organisation as she will be a valuable asset. 
Vivek Rao, Executive Producer – QTP