So Many Socks

Produced by QTP Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Written by Annie Zaidi
Inspired by Tenzin Tsundue’s ‘Kora’
Directed by Quasar Thakore Padamsee
Role Stage Manager

Three generations of a family find themselves stuck in different corners of a circle. A pair of boots and many socks are all that accompany them on their journey to find a place that each can call ‘home’.

A young pregnant woman crosses over to India in search of her husband, who she never reunites with. Determined to move on, she brings up her daughter to embrace what is there in front of her and to turn her back on what was left behind. The daughter, never given access to her past and her heritage, grows up to be resentful and with a longing to connect with her roots. When she has a son, the grandmother shares with him stories and songs and the language of the land where they come from – Tibet. In a strange turn of events, the son decides to fight for Tibet’s Freedom. What we are then faced with are three very unique individuals who are bound together by birth and their longing to go back ‘home’. However, they find themselves unable to connect with their family that is right in front of them.

The play is designed to be staged ‘in the round’ and the audience is seated on all four sides.

Worked on performances between February 2013 and March 2014 in Bombay and on tour in Delhi and Dharamsala